07 February 2008

Where did my week go?!

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've posted anything! I wish it was because I'd been so busy doing "quilty stuff". Unfortunately that is not the case. The bummer is I don't really even remember what I've done!!! Let's see I finished the little string quilt and, much to everyone's surprise, even got the binding sewn down.
I quilted the little heart quilt but no binding yet--it's on my list though :)
Last Spring I came across Bonnie Hunter's method of doing "leader enders" and loved the idea, so I started putting together 2" squares from the first quilts I had made for my kids with a few other scraps from early quilts thrown in. Yesterday I put the top together and today I will put a red containment border on it--then hopefully find a border for it tomorrow when I go shopping! It's pretty wild color wise because I really did make it a truly scrappy quilt and didn't leave stuff out that I thought was ugly (very hard for me lol) but the kids love finding their old quilt fabric in it so that's fun.Oh yeah and I made my first block for my Country Loft BOM--3 more and I'm all caught up LOL!Tuesday night I drove a TRUCK for the Registrar of Voter's. It's a long story but to make it short--I thought I was going to be driving a "small truck" those were the word's used by the person who recruited me " hey we're short drivers..civic duty..150 bucks for fabric...just a SMALL truck..blah, blah, blah.... Now small to me meant pick up truck-right? Hah! Anyway turns out it's the largest truck you can drive without a special license!!!!Here we are all lined up and waiting to drop off the ballots...this isn't even half of them I couldn't get a very good picture while driving this thing LOL!Here's my not so happy helper--I made him come with me for moral support...and to watch his side and make sure I wasn't going to side swipe anything LOL. And speaking of my oldest-I just looked at the time and realized I need to go pick him up at work!
Before I go I just want to put the blame for my lack of posting where it truly belongs...right in the lap of all you women with the wonderful blogs!!!! The only reason I have time to do this post is because I didn't look at my bloglines when I got on but came straight here to post!! Had I checked it I would be reading your blogs right now instead of typing LOL. So later tonight I will hopefully get to catch up on my reading...:)