29 February 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I had a good mail day today! I won a blog drawing for a cute stitchery kit over at My Yellow Farmhouse and my prize arrived today!Karen included some yummy candy (and I remembered to take a picture before eating it lol!) and a cute little Annie notepad and it all came wrapped up so cute...even the bubble wrap matched! Thank you so much Karen!!
And to to top it off my Cath Kidston Spring Catalog finally arrived! Here's a peek and you can go here to see more and here to order your own. I want it all!!!So I just realized (as I was looking with longing at these pictures) that I missed the deadline for posting the ironing board picture, over at Libby's. Well here's what I wished it looked like :)
Edit: It looks like I didn't miss it, I've got another hour!! so here it is:
Janine came over to work on our Country Loft BOM on Monday and I asked her to bring some of her quilt tops and of course I took pictures :) She just started quilting last May but you'd never know it by how fast and how well she cranks these babies out...just a natural I guess :) This one is from a Lakehouse kit she picked up at Road to California:
This is made from a jelly roll of Fresh Air by Moda using the Cozy quilt pattern pinwheel pirouette
And here is another heart quilt inspired by Sharon and this tutorial
And the high point of my week...and also the reason I didn't get much of my own sewing done, was when my daughter told me she wanted to make a quilt top (a small one) but didn't want to spend her $$ on fabric!! Like I didn't practically throw her in the car to go buy her some fabric LOL!!! She picked a pattern out of this book:called Everyday table topper and used the Mother Goose charm pack by Moda.

She had made one with me once before but this was her project all the way!! The only down side was that I couldn't sew all day!! But that can easily be fixed with a second sewing machine :)
Is anyone doing the quiltathon? I just read about this and it sounds fun!!! I'm going to go check it out and decide if it's something I can do by tomorrow!!! Have a great weekend everyone :)

24 February 2008

Little Quilts

I think I am addicted to making little quilts! Ever since making the little 30's string quilt I have been wanting that instant gratification you get when you sit down at your sewing machine to start a quilt and a few hours later you're sewing down binding!! And since there are endless places to use little quilts I'm thinkin' this is an addiction I can live with for awhile LOL!! This is a schnibbles pattern--Decoy-- made with Moda's Prarie Paisly I am definitely going to want to get more of this when the yardage comes out!!
And these are both made with a Hemming House charm pack with a little bit of misc. backgrounds thrown in.
I finally laid out my Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt but it's lookin' a bit busy so it's going away while I think about what to do with it. I'm thinking of either adding some red sashing or maybe making 2 smaller quilts...any ideas?
I've also been playing around with my Cherry Baby and Sanctuary charm packs.
And now I'm off to play some more!

16 February 2008

Can you say FUN?!

because we had some of that in San Diego today! It all started at the Country Loft in La Mesa where me and Janine met up with Sharon, Deb, Beth and Nancy No blog.
When Sharon and Beth were done buying out the store we moved on to Rosie's :) Then we had a leisurely lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant, it was nice to get some time to just sit and laugh and eat and laugh and drink and chat oh did I mention that we did some laughing? Edit: I just noticed this...look at the guy behind our table LOL I bet he didn't know he was gonna get BLOGGED!!! Click on it to enlarge.
Oh dear I think she's spotted an onion...that's bad...apparently projectile vomiting can ensue if Sharon gets a piece of onion in her food LOL!! Nancy's lookin' pretty worried...
Beth makes a shocking confession to Janine LOL!!
Next stop Fat Quarters in Vista...where we got a tutorial on this neat stuff you use to mark wool for applique.
I think Nancy no blog may have won the spending competition at Fat Quarters...or was it Deb? Can't remember---but may I say the competition was stiff...these ladies are World Class Shoppers LOL! Next in line was Starry Night Hollow in Encinitas...I showed pictures last week but I got the kitchen this time-- unfortunately my camera was taking a lot of blurry pictures today...so forgive me please :)Love these quilts!
Sharon realizes...Yes you can break the bank LOL!!
The perfect end to our day? FREE Diet Cokes!!!!!
Sharon gave me this cute little bag filled with goodies and from Deb this prada bag filled with perfume and chocolate mmmm
Thanks you guys you're the best!!!
And you just know I gotta show my loot!
Some cute chicks
I love this new fabric!!! Fun with Sue for little quilts by Henry Glass...drool time..
Have a great rest of your weekend!

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful day spent with loved ones!
Sarah and I baked some Valentine's cupcakes last night, they are prettier in real life. Unfortunately my son's camera (his is the best one) has decided it doesn't like to upload pictures anymore! I will hopefully figure out why this is, but until I do I will be using not so great pictures from my little camera!
Why are girls so much easier to shop for

than boys?
I always feel bad she gets cute stuff and they get gift cards! I think they're o.k with it though. Sarah was worried this year when she saw that little heart with what she thought was fabric sticking out LOL...she was very happy that they were cute little boxer shorts...I told her someday you will think fabric is a fun present! She's like oh yeah sure *smirk*
Have a great day!!!!