22 September 2010

Dream On

Ever have one of those days when you jump out of bed full of purpose? You know exactly what you're going to work onand you dive right in. Then you see this on your front step when you go out to water the yard....and inside is this:And all your intentions fly out the window. Best laid plans and all that. So yeah. The Bliss back is going to have to wait. Because... Pretty.

18 September 2010


Today was a good day. I pretty much just sewed Bliss blocks all day. I took a few breaks to water the garden, put cookies in the oven, play with Winston and do a little Fall decorating. Finally made my choices and finished sewing the blocks together. Made these cuties at Brown Bag yesterday (which is what inspired me to start the Fall decorating a few days early). And now I'm off to bed. Yup it was a good day :)

15 September 2010

Cameras, cameras everywhere

but not a one that works...and that's not all of them. Sheesh, wouldn't you think with all the cameras we have around this house I'd be able to take pictures for my blog? A little while back the normal lens for the Nikon D-40(Jonathan's camera that I usually use) broke....no worries though because Sarah got a Canon Rebel for her 16th birthday so I just borrowed that (never did quite get the hang of it). Then last month she had a little accident and this happened :( I went to pull out my last resort camera (which happens to actually belong to me) and the battery is fried. So until I get something else all pictures here are taken with a telephoto lens...and I don't really have the hang of it yet. Have you guys seen this Divine Twine? A while back Sharon included this fun surprise in a box of fabric I had ordered...isn't it cute? It usually sells for 15.00 but Sharon has it on sale over at the Daisy Cottage for 8.50!!! She has some awesome colors...I'm thinking I may have to get the black to go with my orange and use it for a Halloween banner, wouldn't that be cute? Wanna see what else was in the box? I LOVE this piece from the Cosmo collection. Especially the toaster bit lol. Speaking of orders from Daisy Cottage, I got my Blissful box in the mail earlier this week and have been playing with them all day....sooo pretty.I'm very happy to report that I finally did ALL OF my borders!!! Well except for 2 tops and that's because I haven't bought them yet. I've also been preparing for the hot drink season by making little cozies for these guys (please forgive the coffee grounds...oops didn't notice till now).
I've really been trying to finish projects before starting new ones and for the most part I've been pretty good. I've gotten all my blocks made for this Christmas quilt that I talked about here. I was all caught up on my Fat Quarter Shop mystery BOM...until this morning when my Sept. block came. I've also been busy sewing on bindings...no more masking tape for me :) And yesterday I quilted my Hemming House top.So what I'm thinking is that tomorrow while I'm at the San Diego Quilt Show? I'm a gonna do me some guilt free new project shopping :)