09 February 2008

Starry Night Hollow

Yesterday my friend Michele and I went shopping...fabric shopping--what else? We had fabric waiting for us that we had pre-bought at Sowing Sisters in Carlsbad and then had planned on heading to Fat Quarters. So we picked up our fabric and picked up the flyer for the San Diego Shop Hop and headed back to my car. I was showing Michele the map on the back and I saw IT---a new spot that wasn't there last year! Now I love visiting new shops (new to me anyway it's actually been open since August) and this one was only about 10 miles from where we were... and besides with a name like Starry Night Hollow I figured we couldn't go wrong...I love being right and right I was, this is the cutest little shop...
This is the main room
The 30's/baby room
another room
the holiday room
O.k. how cool is this....for all of you ladies who like to bring your hubbies with you.....
the manctuary! omg comfy chairs wide flat screen t.v. oh and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the kitchen but it's full of snacks you can bring in here with you!
Here's Michele bonding with a ball of yarn---she's so cute she thinks it's a baby LOL! That room back there is the class room--
again I somehow didn't get a picture, I think my camera didn't actually take pictures some of the time cuz I remember taking pictures in the classroom! Anyway like every other room in this house it's beautiful and inviting!
We were cracking up over this stuff
I'm regretting not buying this

I also wish I would have gotten the one about coffee...too funny--that's o.k. I'll just have to go back :)
Oh and she (Kim-the owner) is also a ceramacist and she's made these cute mugs with the names of all the employees and regulars for their coffee. In her patterns...the templates are cute little painted ceramic pieces!!! O.k I think that's enough gushing for one post LOL!
Here's my haul, the patterns are all from Fat Quarters...we did eventually make it out there! I had no battery left for pictures there though :(I love this fabric--hadn't seen it before

some yummy ric-rac
I can tell the weather's warming up cuz I came home with a lot of "Springy" stuff!