20 November 2008

All the Usual Suspects

So it's been awhile since I last blogged. I didn't realize how long until I logged on just now to post about a fun shopping day with my girlfriends---and saw that my last post was about a fun shopping day with same said girlfriends...wow! So, do I really need to mention that not a lot blog worthy has been going on here? Probably not.
So it was "all the usual suspects" for our (what we hope to be) monthly shopping/lunching girls day out. This time we met up in Vista at Fat Quarters. They had some adorable samples and for some reason I took no pictures...go over to Nancy's and see the cute ME quilt made with the same pattern I used for my hopscotch quilt a while back. After Fat Quaters we headed out to Fallbrook to Quilter's Cottage (is that the right name?) where some of us spent enough to get cute blue bags and some of us didn't lol! Next it was on to Temecula where we stopped for sustenance at a yummy barbeque place that Sharon knew. The cook was a crack up and I think he had a crush on Deb...I'll let her tell that story lol! I don't know what the other diner's in the place made of us when our food arrived and instead of digging in we all whipped out our camera's and began frantically snapping photo's of the food and eachother taking pic's of the food. Pretty funny lol!And the food was picture worthy:I had a birthday between shopping trips and those sweet girls surprised me with presents! From Deb, who knows I love to read, I got a book that is next on my reading list, a bag full of "smell good" goodies, that cute little leather box filled with little Vera Wang stuff (I love Vera Wang!) and a cute little tablet. Sharon brought me this Jelly Roll "Objects of Desire" from Quilt Market--don't you love those colors? I do!Here's a closer picture:And this wonderful tea from Hawaii, I wish I could let you smell it--it is heavenly :)
Janine brought everyone cute little Christmas goodies. Notice the empty wrappers? I set it down for 5 minutes to get the camera ready and I come back and someone has already eaten some!!
Oh and Nancy and I share a birthday and she sent me this adorable card with a starbucks card and she's searching for a template for me :) Thanks girls!!I was pretty well behaved and only got a little bit of fabric. I have no self control where cherries are involved :)
Isn't this apron fabric adorable?
Some Christmas goodies:And some new patterns, I can't wait to start on the on the one from Bunny Hill.My SSCS package arrived a few days ago from Tracy at Pink Purl. I love that pink polka dot wrapping paper. I am really going to have a hard time waiting until Christmas to open these goodies! The chocolate should tide me over for a bit. I was so excited that Tracy was my partner I love what she does, go check out her blog!I have been doing a little bit of sewing but mostly stuff that I can't show...Christmas you know :) I am coming along with my SSCS projects and should have them off this weekend...hopefully. I've made some more progress on my stars quilt, I think I figured out I have about 9 more to go.

O.k. hopefully it won't take me 3 weeks to blog next time, with the Holidays coming so soon you never know...