25 April 2008

Kittens, kittens, kittens

Last Friday I took a fun class at the Country Loft called "Brown Bag".Jo Ann does this once a month and basically you just bring needle and thread and she surprises you with a fun project that you can finish (usually) in the 2 hour class period. This was my first one but many of the ladies had been doing it since the beginning 6 years ago. This is the cute little wool needle and pin wallet we made. More cute quilts they had up:While I was taking the class my daughter called to inform me that she and her brother had found a little orphan kitten in our backyard and could I (while running a gazillion other errands for her big birthday bash later that afternoon) please add bottles, kitten formula and other sundry kitten supplies to my list..."why of course sweetie I was hoping to cram a few more to-do's into my day :) This is Lemon:I discovered that weekend that Lemon was a high need kitten and "needed" to be in my lap almost non-stop. My kiddo's were off attending various parties and left me with kitten care duty. The bright side is that I discovered that while I couldn't really sew with Lemon in my lap I could do stitcheries and I actually finished these that I started last Summer to make this bag with. It is also Jo Ann's pattern (Jam) from Country Loft. Had to buy a few new patterns. Hey they were 2 for 1 what else could I do?
Monday Morning I was the lucky recipient of this happy package from Darlene. I won a blog give-away a while back and in addition to my prize of the sidewinder she made me a little heart pincushion out of some Mary Engelbreit fabric she had cuz she knows I love it!!! Isn't she a sweetie? Thanks Big Sis! Later on Monday we discovered Lemon was one of triplets...yes we are now bottle feeding 3 kittens!!! Or dropper feeding actually. I was thinking of having a blog give away of kittens lolol any takers?? The good thing about finding her brothers is that she has gotten a little less needy, so I'm crossing my fingers that I might actually get some quilting done this weekend!! See the goat milk all over their faces...and Sarah's shorts...oh and the carpet --they are so messy lol!! And now I'm going to leave you with more kitten pictures...lots more kitten pictures...way more kitten pictures than ought to be on a blog but they are so cute I couldn't pick just one. I am warning you though so you can leave now if you hate kitten pictures and not waste your time :) The little guy in the middle was actually asleep and kept almost falling over...wish I had a video! Meet Scottie and Carmel and of course Lemon...

12 April 2008

More ME

No not more me...more ME. Although I do like my blue and yellow ME top, to me-ME is all about the red and the black and the yellow!!! So when I was trolling the web looking for inspiration this morning and came across this free BOM I knew I had found my next ME project! So this is what I spent my morning sewing:I used to always do something with those pull out posters that came in her magazine and it almost always revolved around red and black. Here's a tray I decoupaged and painted with one of them.
Yes I'm putting old craft projects in here to disguise (poorly) the fact that I have done almost zero in the sewing department this week...I think I may have reached a new all time low :( But here's what I've been thinking about trying to make something with lol!I did make a trip to Rosie's. I had to because the last time I was there I forgot to get my card stamped and you can't miss a month or it's invalid. I'm starting to collect some civil war fabrics. I am so loving all the blocks I'm seeing on a lot of your blogs I'm feeling the need to make a few of my own :)I've also been playing around some more with Cherry Baby:I've been meaning to thank everyone who gave their input on which borders I should use for this table topper...THANK YOU!!! I promised I know to show what I decided...the problem is I am now thinking it may not be a table topper after all...I'm thinking it would make such a pretty tote bag!! Who knows what it will end up as...but I promise that I will show you when I finally decide :)

I got some fun amazon mail. I am loving this new book by Susan Branch:
Lots of fun stuff like this in it (click to enlarge):And this book on 30's quiltsand lots of fun little quilt goodness in this oneinteresting method to do these triangles in here One thing I have been doing is pinning...(and re-pinning but again that's another story) I had been hoping to get some machine quilting done this weekend...can you say "unseasonably warm"??? That's what they're calling it...it was 96 degrees Fahrenheit here in San Diego today!!! I refuse to turn the air conditioner on in April for Pete's sake!! However since I can't stand to quilt when it's hot I just fiddled around and didn't accomplish much...oh well there's always tomorrow :) And to all of you still putting up with cold weather....I am not complaining about this (my heart goes out to anyone still getting snow in the Spring!!!) simply saying I can't/won't quilt in this weather without my a/c and I'm too cheap to turn it on right now lolol!!!
And before I forget I was tagged by Eileen over at Eileen's Attic. She has a really cute blog you should definitely check out! I am going to wimp out and just link back to last tag (again! lol!).
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!
I'm editing this to add that there is a blog give-away of a cute little quilt over at JulieKQuilts! So go throw in your hat! Wait! Why am I doing this? It lowers my chances doesn't it?? LOL!
O.k editing again...meant to say go throw your name in the hat....whatever lol!

05 April 2008

Busy Week

Or maybe I should say busy month! I homeschool my kids and Spring is always busy because it's when I start making lesson plans and purchasing curriculum for the following Fall. This year is busier than usual because my oldest son is graduating High School and there is soooo much to get done!!! So all that to say sorry if I'm not commenting as often as usual, I'm trying to only look at my bloglines twice a week (that's hard!) and only blog once a week...what's been happening is I get on to blog and read instead and then I'm out of time! Anyway on to the good stuff :)

I finally finished my ME quilt last night...well I think it's finished anyway. I was originally going to add one more outer border--the pattern calls for it and I have the fabric...in fact I have 2 fabrics because I couldn't decide. And now I think I like it better without. I'm going to wait a few days and look at it again.Tuesday I took a class at the Country Loft. I'm doing their Stars around the Garden BOM and the middle is all applique. Every first Tuesday they have a class for that months block and since I really don't applique I thought that would be a good class to take. Of course while I was there I had to take pictures of just a few of their many adorable quilts that are in every nook and cranny of the store! This one is so cool the roofs and doors are painted on! They have kits made up and I think I'm going to get one next time I'm there!This was last years Bom "Siblings" because all the big blocks have little blocks isn't that cute? And Donna made this little one--I think she said from the bonus blocks--adorable!Here's Janine getting encouragement from Donna, our wonderful teacher :) You can see the quilt we're working on in the background.

This is a little table topper Janine made withFall Back in Time and a schnibbles pattern-Hat Trick. Another Quilt Shop I love to visit is Cozy Quilts. They have a "strip club" one Monday a month and you get a free pattern just for going. Here is Rock Star last months pattern that they made with their new line of fabric by Moda All About Color.This is All Stars last months pattern. Their patterns are all so easy and fun and work with Jelly Rolls or 21/2" strips. I had to show these cute fabrics I just found at Rosie's aren't they adorable? Now to figure out how to use them! O.k I'm running late to pick up oldest son at work so I gotta run---Have a great week!