31 January 2008

I'm So Excited!!!

I'm so excited!!! I just made my reservations at the Westin for Long Beach Quilt Festival...the debut!! We can be charter members or something right??? Who's going?? Let's have a PARTY!!

So I quilted my first quilt for a friend...not really a "customer quilt" cuz I did it for free, but it still kinda freaked me out cuz I was quilting for someone ELSE!!!

I also jumped on the "Sharon Red Geranium Cottage" bandwagon of making a little 30's strip quilt cuz I have decided I want to be her when I grow up LOL!! So glad you are back posting Sharon...missed you sweetie :)

Oh and I realized when I got home from retreat after reading your comments and e-mails that maybe some of you thought I was going on a quilting retreat :) no such luck----my church has a youth retreat every year..and they invite us parents to come along :) So instead of posting pictures of that which you (unknowingly requested LOL) Iwill post a more fun picture of my shopping that was inspired by Sharon and Beth and ... I can't remember... I have also been very inspired by Deb lately to make my own Annie and I may attempt that soon...thanks for all the tips Deb :) I will share one picture cuz my precious niece's were working at the campground we were staying at...are they cute or what..actually 3 of those cuties are my own babies :) o.k you twisted my arm two pictures