16 July 2010

Going offline for a bit

I tweaked my neck/back/shoulder a while back and it just keeps getting worse so I can't be on the computer. I've been trying to get on for little bits of time to keep up on my blog reading but even a few minutes seems to do me in. So I'm hoping a week or so of icing and ibuprofen and rest will do the trick. I can't sew either...yesterday I cut one stinkin' block and can you say BAD IDEA? Real quick for everyone who was asking about tea go to Teavana.com and look under black tea, the Weight to Go is awesome iced and then I also drink the oolongs. The puerhs and the oolongs are the best for metabolism and the mates are good for appetite suppression. Google it for more info. Sorry guys even this little bit is doing me in....see you soon I hope!!!

03 July 2010

I'm in Heaven

Flower Sugar Heaven. After a very trying tea tragedy this morning, I was very happy, no more like ecstatic, to see this box on my porch!! It's not on my porch in the picture. I was way too excited and didn't remember pictures until I saw how prettily Sharon had wrapped some of the piles...then I ran and got the camera. I am loving this white one way more than the last white from Flower Sugar, and I liked that one a lot lol! Is this gorgeous stuff or what? Zip over to Daisy Cottage quick quick if you want to stockpile your own supply of this loveliness! She's a super speedy shipper too!! Also in the box of adorable awesomeness: Holiday Happy by Monica from Happy Zombie--Love this stuff too.Thank you Sharon!!!
So the tea tragedy...you may want to just go on to your next blog and stop reading here lol!
So my latest obsession is tea. It started at my local Teavana store and has grown to include many online tea shops. Look at this box(es) of 31 samples from Golden Moon for 19.99. Anyways, one of my very favorite teas is Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls. They are little hand rolled green tea leaves with a jasmine flower tied around each one, cute aren't they? Very yummy, but the flavor is delicate- so great care must be taken to only store them in a tin that has only ever held Jasmine Pearls. Well this morning I stumbled out to the kitchen and pulled down a tin of My Morning Mate and scooped it out into my measuring bowl, then I decided to mix it with some Chai Mate so I dumped it back in it's tin....only it wasn't. I looked in and thought there were a bunch of little chocolate chips in there...so I started to mix them in better...then I got a whiff of Jasmine....oh CRAP---I somehow dumped my extremely strong smelling Mate into my delicately flavored Jasmine Pearls, about 40.00 worth of Dragon Pearls. These babies aren't cheap. I spent my morning with various sized strainers and sieves and separated as much as possible that way and then painstakingly picked out every little pearl by hand. Who knew that reading glasses were an essential piece of tea brewing equipment??? One more little tea fact for those of you who stuck with me this long...it makes you lose weight...especially the Oolong and the Pu-erh. I've lost 15 pounds in about a month just drinking yummy tea :) O.k. I gotta go get dressed, I'm leaving in about an hour for a 3-day conference at UCSD with my church.
Happy 4th of July!!!!