25 July 2009

Has it really been FIVE months???

I can't believe it's been 5 months since my last post. So much has happened both sad and happy that time has flown. My mom got sick in February and passed away in March after a long hard fight in intensive care and I just didn't have the heart to blog or do much of anything for quite awhile afterward. My father ended up in the hospital at the end of April and was there for 2 weeks and then in a retirement type facility for a month, happily he is home and doing great now. So it's been a roller coaster here! Things are settling down and I'm feeling ready to dip my toes back in the water of blogging! So a few things I caught on the camera in the last few months (cuz every week since about May I would think "this will be the week I get back to blogging" lol). Let's see in no particular order:
We had a fire that came right down the hill behind our house, it was worse than it looks here, it just took awhile before anyone thought of taking pictures...we waited until it was almost out and then brought out the camera.
They brought out the helicopters...fun to watch once we knew our homes were safe!
My middle son was hired at a French Bistro and is training as a sous chef :)
My oldest son's girlfriend graduated high school. Yay Hannah!
We found another batch of feral kittens and managed to catch one and Tigger adopted him and nursed him until we found him a home.
I made some stuff.
back view (sewing bag by JAM)
The last 4 months of Brown Bag:Oops I guess I didn't get a picture of the Easter one...too bad it was my favorite and it's packed away until next year. This was July's...they were doing a week of Christmas in July at the Country Loft last week. I took this wool applique class from Jo Ann Wednesday night and I'm almost done :)I made my first doll...also a class by Jo Ann....she's not quite finished, still needs her hat and shoes and all her cute accessories.
I made a few quilt tops... most of them still need borders :( This one is a Country Loft pattern by Kathy Cardiff:
These two were "accidents" I was trying for something totally different and after I'd cut and sewn all my half and quarter square triangles I realized I'd made half going the wrong direction (this is where patterns come in handy lol). Anyway I kept playing around on the design wall and finally came up with these two instead of the one I had at first envisioned (and cut and sewed without ever once pausing to get out pencil and paper to see if it would really work...it seemed so simple in my head lol)
This is using a Sweet Jelly Roll and Honey Bun:I think this may be my favorite scrap quilt ever...it's a work in progress. I'm hoping to eventually have enough blocks to make a king size for my bed.O.k. that's enough for now. I also got a new lap top a while back and I'm still not used to typing on the keyboard, it's a little off center and it makes me nuts!!!! I hope to make it around to everyone's blogs soon...I have missed you all!!!!