16 June 2010

Congratulations Jonathan!!!

So the big day has come and gone. Jonathan has graduated! Can you say "Proud Mama"? He sang in the Senior ensemble but I can't find a picture of it....Sarah was the designated photographer...bad Sarah! Here he is giving the best speech ever! Biased? Nah, not me :) I love the rose ceremony. And may I just say that it was called that LONG before the "other" (blech!) rose ceremony. I think he's pretty happy, yes? So it's just Sarah and me for the next 2 years. I think she's a little bit scared...probably with good reason. I've been pouring over the curriculum catalogs...must get everything in I've ever wanted to do in the next two years!!
I am taking part in the CG&G quilt along and I was so excited to be sewing again after such a long hiatus that I couldn't stop at the gathering fabric or the cutting but had to keep going and sewed all my little pieces into blocks...I am going to try and control myself and wait for the next step...we'll see how successful I am.I am now going to go brew a nice cup of tea and sit in my chair and (hopefully) finish my book!