26 June 2008

Pincushion arrival

My pincushion arrived yesterday all the way from the U.K.!!!! Thank you to Linda for hosting this fun swap!! It was my first but definitely not last!! I love how it's the Royal Mail...
Look at the cute fabric she wrapped it inand another cute layer. Can you see the cats on this fabric too?Karol-Ann did a great job--didn't she? It's a little ginger cat pincushion :) Also included was a cute little tin (with a kitty) of some yummy candy. I forgot to take a picture of his backside...he has a little patchwork hiney. Too cute!
Lemon thinks it 's his... he put up quite a fuss when I took it away. Please don't look at the carpet...I've been doing some cutting but absolutely no vacuuming. I have no excuse either as I just bought a brand new vacuum. Thank you so much Karol-Ann...I love it :)
I'm editing this to add that Karol-Ann has posted the cute backside on her blog so go take a peek over there! I finished my pincushion the other night but I have to pick up a couple little tidbits to include . I'm going to pick up Janine right now for her Birthday lunch /party and hopefully she'll be up for some shopping after so I can get my package out tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Janine and Michele and Kim 3 good friends who all have birthdays this week!!! I love you guys (even though you never leave comments lol!!!) As soon as I mail it it's on to the cupcake swap over at Sharon's, fun, fun, fun!!!!

21 June 2008

Woo Hoo!!!!

He did it!!!! Or should I say we did it! Now I'm going to go crash for about a week lol!! This was quite the exciting/busy week. Jonathan turned 16 on Thursday and Daniel graduated yesterday and may I just say that although it was all good and wonderful I am pretty thrilled that the week is now behind me! Here are some photo's of the big day.
Playing Piano for the prelude:they have a time in the middle of the ceremony where the graduates bring their mom a rose :) family photo:Senior photo board:Can't forget the Birthday boy!I made the yummiest white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream cake for Jonathan's B-day...I think it had about 5,000 calories per slice and they all showed up on my hips just in time for graduation lol!I did start a new top...hey a girl's gotta de-stress right? This is with "Isn't Christmas Jolly?" It's just blocks right now and I've been playing with them on my design wall. I'm off to catch up on some blog and e-mail reading, I pretty much haven't even seen my computer for the last week! Have a great rest of the weekend! I'm planning on just trying to stay cool...did I mention that it's been well over a 100 degrees for the last week? Last night it was still 90 at midnight!! I know thats no big deal for some of you living on the surface of the sun...(Darlene) but I'm not used to it!! As long as the power doesn't go out and my a/c keeps kickin' out the chilled air I guess I'll survive :)

10 June 2008

Beach Day Quilt

Every Summer we have a beach day on Tuesdays in Del Mar. Last year I would bring a quilt and put it on the grass and no sooner would I lay it down than someone would start giving me grief saying "oh you just can't put that beautiful quilt on the ground!" So this year I decided to make a special quilt just for Beach Day. Specially made to put on the ground.I have been having trouble with Blogger not sending me all my comments. I get about 3 out of 4 grrrr. I really appreciate and love all your comments and I like to respond but I know I have been missing some of you and I just want to say sorry and I'm not ignoring you! I'm hoping it will resolve soon. Of course some of you are no-reply and then I can't ever respond : ( If you are no-reply and don't want to be just go to your profile page and make sure your e-mail is listed and the box is checked.
Gratuitous kitten picture...yup he's in a purse.I changed a few things on my sidebar...did anyone notice that I had the Thirteenth Tale in "on my nightstand" for oh about 4 months??? Nope not a mistake, I just finished it night before last. It was a good book I just haven't been reading as much as usual, too much quilting I guess. (Is that even possible lol?) So I have decided to be more disciplined about turning off the light in the sewing room and getting in bed and spending some time with a cup of tea and a good book! I started The Friday Night Knitting Club last night and so far so good. The next trick is being disciplined enough to turn off my bedroom light and get some sleep. Here is what's on my nightstand now:
Now for some proud mama stuff. See the favorite music up there? That's Daniel's myspace music spot. Unfortunately myspace has horrible sound but if you download it-it sounds way better. Anyway that's his music...his senior project is producing a CD of original music. So I figured I should put a link here to promote his music...right? (how many times can I use the word "music" in a paragraph? A lot of times lol) O.k. off to do a little more in my sewing room before it gets too late! I'm using my Hopscotch Charm packs...finally! I love this line! Here's a sneak peek....of course it could change :)And I still can't decide on what to do with Cherry Baby...
Have a great week-hopefully with lots of time to sew :)

03 June 2008

Easy Peasy Purse

I'm just popping in real quick to show you guys the easiest purse in the world!!! Really. I wouldn't lie to you. Janine came over yesterday afternoon to sew and we made these purses
from this magazine:(Which just came out so if you don't have it yet you can still get it!) In fact some stores still have the older one...it's that new :) We sat and sewed for oh about 5 minutes and kind of looked at each other like "no way, can it really be this easy?" It can. It was. 30 maybe 45 minutes tops you'll go from ordinary kitchen towelsto this:Total cost: 3.99 for 3 kitchen towels from Ross 4.19 for bag handles from Joannes (30% off right now) Pretty cool huh?
O.k. today's kitten picture is a bit graphic so if you have a weak stomach just move on to the next blog now. To the rest of you this is a picture of when we still had all 3 babies. First thing every morning when we woke them up they would all hop in the "yucky box" and have a little group potty together...pretty disgusting really...and yet somehow sweet at the same time. Hey I warned you!
Wish me luck I'm off to drive the giant truck for the Registrar of Voters again tonight!