16 February 2008

Can you say FUN?!

because we had some of that in San Diego today! It all started at the Country Loft in La Mesa where me and Janine met up with Sharon, Deb, Beth and Nancy No blog.
When Sharon and Beth were done buying out the store we moved on to Rosie's :) Then we had a leisurely lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant, it was nice to get some time to just sit and laugh and eat and laugh and drink and chat oh did I mention that we did some laughing? Edit: I just noticed this...look at the guy behind our table LOL I bet he didn't know he was gonna get BLOGGED!!! Click on it to enlarge.
Oh dear I think she's spotted an onion...that's bad...apparently projectile vomiting can ensue if Sharon gets a piece of onion in her food LOL!! Nancy's lookin' pretty worried...
Beth makes a shocking confession to Janine LOL!!
Next stop Fat Quarters in Vista...where we got a tutorial on this neat stuff you use to mark wool for applique.
I think Nancy no blog may have won the spending competition at Fat Quarters...or was it Deb? Can't remember---but may I say the competition was stiff...these ladies are World Class Shoppers LOL! Next in line was Starry Night Hollow in Encinitas...I showed pictures last week but I got the kitchen this time-- unfortunately my camera was taking a lot of blurry pictures today...so forgive me please :)Love these quilts!
Sharon realizes...Yes you can break the bank LOL!!
The perfect end to our day? FREE Diet Cokes!!!!!
Sharon gave me this cute little bag filled with goodies and from Deb this prada bag filled with perfume and chocolate mmmm
Thanks you guys you're the best!!!
And you just know I gotta show my loot!
Some cute chicks
I love this new fabric!!! Fun with Sue for little quilts by Henry Glass...drool time..
Have a great rest of your weekend!