27 September 2008

Awesome Artsy Autumn Swap Goodies!

My Artsy Autumn Swap goodies from Linda came on Thursday and I have been trying to find time ever since to blog about them. Look at all the gorgeous fall "fabulousness" she sent me!!
I immediately made use of the gorgeous iron basket:I've been wearing this bracelet since I got it!Sarah is modeling the apron she sent please ignore the mess in the background...I really do clean my sewing room between projects lol! I guess I need to take a picture someday when it's neat to prove it!This was such a fun swap and Linda does a great job hosting. There were give-aways galore throughout the swap time period and a flikr group etc. Check out her swap blog here--there is another sign up starting October 1st for:The cool thing is you don't have to send out until January 15th so the Christmas madness will be over :)
A while back I won a give away over at Vickie's blog and this is the fun little bundle she sent me:
Notice the ME card and stickers :)
I have been working on a few things in the sewing room. I turned this stack:
into this:
and I'm working on turning this stack:
into this so far:I finished quilting Hopscotch and even got it bound!

Go check out Hanne's blog she's having a give-away of her cute new stocking pattern.
Another give-away over at Marlene's. Oh and speaking a cute new patterns have you all been over to Nanette's and seen her new patterns? You have to go look they are adorable!!!
One more link and I'm done...promise :) But you've gotto go check out the baby quilt contest here, the prizes are gift certificates to Superbuzzy!
O.k I've gotta go do a few more Halloween/fall stuff with these leftoversHave a great weekend!

22 September 2008

We Have a Winner

After much prodding by us and encouragement from Tigger (yes we have a new tabby kitten!) Daisy finally picked a name-- and we had to grab it from her quick she almost ate it! Vangie is the lucky winner! Vangie you are no-reply with no blog so hopefully you will see this because I can't contact you-- you need to e-mail me with your mailing address so I can send you your goodies. Sarah drew a second name and if I don't hear from Vangie this week then I'll annonce the new winner. I'm not sure how else to do it...I had so much fun reading about all of your favorite tools, this was sooo much fun!! Thank you to everyone who commented I have added quite a few items to my wish list!!
And now I'm going to get some stitching out to work on while we watch the 3 hour season premier of Heroes--yipee!!!
Oh and Happy first day of Fall!! It's finally here :)

14 September 2008

Favorite Tools Give Away

Yes my blogiversary was actually in July...I'm a procrastinator o.k.? I thought it would be fun to see what tools you all love and so for this give away just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite tool(s) is(are). I will draw a name next Sunday (Sept. 21) night. The winner will receive a few of my favorite tools. The reason this actually took me so long to get around to doing is that one of my favorite tools is this precision trimmer and it has been on back order since July!This is a must have for squaring up half and quarter square triangles. I have a small one also but when Kathy ordered this they said they didn't know anything about a little one so I don't know if they're discontinued or what but I didn't want to wait any longer!
Probably my number one favorite tool is the Angler 2. I have loved making half square triangles ever since I started using this...no more drawing lines. I couldn't find the new one to put in the picture but I'll find it by Sunday--it is part of the prize.The pebbles needles are my favorites because of the cute case :) But these self threading needles are amazing, they really work! I haven't seen them anywhere since I bought them I'm going to keep looking but if I can't find anymore I'll stick a few from my box in.The companion angle works well with strip quilts...the ones where you cut triangles out of rows of strips like thisO.k. these are not part of the prize...more of a cheap tip...you know those expensive thingys they sell to tilt your machine towards you so it's better for your back? These 2 dollar door stops from home depot work just as well...I was googling a question about machine quilting and up came a tip page from 2002 or something and this was on it. I have felt the difference since I've been using them. I have to use it with my smaller snap on table rather than my large acrylic one but that's o.k. for most sewing. I can't wait to see your favorites!!!

09 September 2008

Mailbox love

School started here last week which is always one of the busiest weeks of the year for me so I haven't had much blog reading or posting time but I have high hopes of catching up this week :)
In addition my air conditioner broke on Friday and my weekend was consumed with avoiding the heat and since my computer is in the hottest part of the house I didn't get near it! We got the new one installed yesterday afternoon so I am a much happier camper now!
Well I've been a slow poke posting these. But a little while ago I was the happy recipient of 2 surprise packages. The first came from Sharon and had all these cute goodies in it.
Thank you Sharon!! I love it all. The apple is my first fall pincushion out this year :) Look at that cute little lady bug !The second came from Carol and had this cute sewing machine cover. I think she must have somehow known that this is what had been covering up my machine until now...And some cute notepads and a pen which I put to immediate use! Thank you Carol :)
This last one was not a surprise since I ordered it for myself :) But I really wanted to put cupcake annie in the kitchen with kitchen annie but it was lonely in my sewing room without her so I needed sewing annie :) Thanks Nicole, now all is well (for now anyway) on the annie front :)Now I'm off to the post office to send out some mailbox love of my own. I'll leave you with a peek at some stuff I've been working on.I finally made that baby quilt with the lovely Cherry Baby fabrics from Lakehouse.
Just basic squares from Fresh Air by ModaI finally used my Friends and Flowers jelly roll. This is for the Jelly Roll challenge over at Hanne's. She's has extended the deadline to Oct. 5th (I think) so there's still time to sign up if you want! I finished it just in time too. Sunday when I walked into my local quilt shop (Memory Lane) Chris, the owner (who is now one of my most favorite people in the world!!) reached behind the counter and said "I think I have something that is just you" and she pulled out a stack of the newest ME-- Recipe for Friendship....she had gotten it at market and was going to make a sample but when she realized there wasn't time she saved it for me!!!! I 've been drooling over it every night and planning all the wonderful things I want to make with it! Later today I'm going to get to work using some fun new Halloween fabric I found while avoiding the heat this weekend.
Have a great week!!

01 September 2008

Summer Stash Challenge Quilt finished!

So I know the date is gonna say Sept. 1 but that's just cuz Blogger took so danged long to load! I know, I know I put it off till literally the last possible minute lol! I've just been busy...Anyway I did finish it on Saturday...o.k.? I love the fabric on the back.
This is my favorite step in quilt making...is it dry yet?
Yup. I love taking out the fluffy warm scrunched up quilt and jumping in bed to try it out. Yes I do it with every quilt...uh huh even the ones I'm not gonna keep...shh don't tell o.k.?
Labor Day picnic anyone?