25 March 2010

Liberated Quilts!

Tuesday this scrumptious little stack of books arrived at my door. I sat down and read straight through Liberated Quiltmaking II, then read about halfway through Collaborate Again, jumped up and made a beeline for Rosies, one of my favorite local dealers....um I mean quilt shops. Not my usual shopping spree picks but these books just lit a fire under me to make something BRIGHT. I never knew solids could be so fun! If I had to choose between the 2 books? I couldn't. Just go buy both of them, really! They're practically half off at Amazon so it's really like you're just getting one...add in free shipping and no sales tax....see how I get in so much trouble? These two quilts are the ones I want to start with.... one from each book. I really like the way Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again is set up. In the back they have pictures of the finished quilts with the pages of "the parts" they've used to make it. The parts are in the middle and reference the quilts they are used in. The front is all about each author and their philosophy, inspiration, etc. It is chock full of inspiring photos. Gwen's book, Liberated Quiltmaking II, is set up in a similar way and as you read it you can hardly sit still you want to jump up and run to your sewing room and just get going!! Kaffe's book is his usual wonderfulness...here are some pics to whet your appetite. I'll stop now so you can go order your books :)While you do that, I'm going to go cut some of these:
I almost forgot...I got inspired to buy the Gwen and Freddy book here at Belinda's...go look at her amazing design wall full of yumminess...seriously. Now you're for sure going to buy the book :)

20 March 2010

Happy National Quilting Day!

Taking a quick break from sewing to post about what I did for the Friday Night Sew-in. I had planned on getting my borders on my Bf quilt but I didn't get my other blocks off my design wall in time. So last night I finished sewing together my Comfy Cozy blocks and got my wall cleared. I also quilted the centers of my little Fresh Cut scrap top, and got all my cutting done for another bigger Fresh Cut quilt. O.k. back to work. Hope you're all getting some quilting in today!

17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm afraid I don't do much decorating for St. Patrick's Day. Not very good since I"m a quarter Irish. At least Winston is making an effort at being Green today!This Friday is the March Friday Night Sew-In!! Check it out here and join in the fun! It would be a great way to kick off National Quilting Day on Saturday! You are all planning on celebrating, yes? I'm going to try and put my borders on my BF quilt...I think I'm going with the #4 inner border and either #2 or #4 outer border. Cheryl is working on hers on Friday also and hopefully Sharon will join us...we're twisting her arm lol! I haven't been able to get it back on the design wall to try out the first option because I've had another project hogging the wall. I've been working on turning these strips into these blocks. I am hoping to get them sewn together or at least off the wall by Friday...wish me luck. The sun is shining and I want to take a good book to the beach or plant flowers or anything outside! Maybe I should bring my sewing table out there lol!! Look at my cute new pincushion Deb made for me (Who by the way has gotten so stinkin' skinny I almost didn't recognize her!)isn't it adorable? I tried to make these cupcakes once a couple of years ago and failed miserably so I was excited to finally have my very own! Thanks Deb!
O.k. off to locate some green food coloring...

07 March 2010

Border decisions

My rows are sewn together on my Between Friends quilt! And may I just thank my Big Sis one more time....or maybe two or three more times? I really loved making this quilt! You know how some patterns just go together sooo easy? Now I'm debating borders...part of me wants to make a pieced border but the bigger part of me wants this done and quilted and on display! Here's what I'm debating between so far...I have a favorite but I'd love to here from you all.
#4.It's cold and dreary and pouring rain...so what could be better than sewing all evening?
O.k. off to choose fabric for my next project!!

05 March 2010

Charming Girls & Guys March Goals

So I have been very forgetful about getting my Charming Girls and Guys goals up in time lately. This month in an effort to get my goals up in time, I started planning ahead....well on Feb. 28th. Then I was so excited about one of my projects I started sewing early Monday morning and all thoughts of posting my goals flew out the window. Thankfully I was reminded to get my butt in gear by all of you organized ladies who have been putting your goals up on time.I have been wanting to cut into my piles of Swell for sometime now and I have found the perfect project for it: Between Friends by Darlene of Quilting Daze.
I knew when I first saw the quilt that I had to make it and later when I fell in love with American Retro I thought I had found the perfect pairing. Sunday when I pulled everything out to take pictures for this post I just couldn't decide if it would work or not. I emailed Darlene and we chatted back and forth about it...she was very patient with my ADD lol!! I changed my mind every other email. I went to the kitchen to grab some coffee and walked by one of my very favorite little quilts that I made a couple of years ago from the scraps of my first Swell quilt. I have often thought about making a larger one and all of a sudden I just knew I had found the perfect pair, yay!!! Cheryl had mentioned a while back that we should pick a project for our Swell and work on it together so that we could encourage each other and we had decided to be on the lookout for patterns. So Cheryl and Sharon and I are all going to work on this quilt together...so much fun! Thank you Darlene for sharing this wonderful pattern!!
Onto the rest of my goals:
Put borders on this twisted nine-patch that I made last month...maybe quilt it?Hand sew the binding on these two little quiltsDecide on a pattern and start making blocks for a king size quilt for my bed (finally!) Maybe use my American Retro?Make another top from my(way too much) leftover Fresh CutMake a little leader ender project with my little squares of Fresh CutReady, Set, SEW!!Have a great weekend everyone!!