31 July 2007

Finished Cosmic Stars

Or at least the top is finished, it still needs quilting. This was a fairly easy quilt to make, although the stars were a bit tedious. You add them on after you piece the strip block and the way you do this is: 1. Draw a line diagonally top to bottom on a a 7" rectangle. 2. Mark a point 2 1/2" up from the bottom of your pieced square. 3. line it up and pin it on. 4. Sew it on a little to the left of your drawn line. 5. repeat 48 times.

And you end up with 48 of these:

6. Cut away excess fabric. Then you repeat those 5 steps again with an 8" rectangle on the other side to complete the star. See what I mean? Easy but tedious.
O.k. I'm off to the beach. Have a great day!

26 July 2007

Busy Doing What?

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. I know I've been busy but I can't remember what I've done...I hate it when that happens! Tuesday was another beautiful day at the beach, isn't that a great sunset? I do know what I forgot to do though, I forgot to get my camera out (again) and take pictures of the great shops we visited on our quilt run...oh well there's always next year!

I have spent some time in my sewing room working on the latest strip quilt from Cozy Quilts. It's called Cosmic Stars. I haven't decided quite how I'm going to do the stars yet, but it's fun playing with them.Well it's off to try and get some sleep for me.

19 July 2007

Southern California Qulters' Run

The Southern California Quilters' Run is underway so today I headed out with a friend to hit the shops in Temecula, Murrietta and Fallbrook. My intention was to take pictures of the quilt shops and post them, however after getting sidetracked at this beautiful garden store I apparently forgot to get my camera out again. Tomorrow is another day and I'm hoping not only to make it to more shops but also to remember to snap some pics.

Some of the treasures I brought home, there were so many fun little shops in Temecula.
And of course I had to bring home more "freshcut" to add to my growing collection!
Have a great weekend!

18 July 2007

Tuesday Beach Day at Del Mar

Michele and I showing off her birthday quilt!

One of the highlights of our Summer is Tuesday beach day at Del Mar. This is last week waiting for a concert to start . It's not usually so crowded.

Is that really water in that bottle?

16 July 2007

Happy Monday

My life (as a quilter anyway) has been forever changed...I am now the proud owner of a 1/4" foot...I know, I know, everyone else has had one forever, but I thought I was doing quite well with my little felt bars from Walmart, thank you very much : )

But omigosh this new foot is way better---uno problema----I am in the middle of a project and my old method gave me a generous 1/4" and my new foot gives me a scant 1/4". Yikes what's a girl to do? I know I ought to just finish up using the method I started with...but I have a new toy and I want to play with it!!!

Well I'm off to try and finish this wall hanging in time to give it to my Mom on Wednesday. Here it is so far..and if you look at the magazine picture in the lower right hand corner of the bottom picture you will see how it will hopefully look when it is finished...have a great Monday!

05 July 2007

Wow, so I don't have a clue what to do here....

So after months of browsing around blogland I have decided to come out and play. If I ever get the hang of it that is. (blogging-not playing, playing I am most proficient at!) I have just spent the whole entire day trying to get my header to look decent and I still don't like it...sigh. Anyway a little bit about me, after all this is the one place in the world where it really can be all about me, right? Or wait maybe I'm supposed to put that stuff in the "about me" section...hmm... this is more complicated than it looks when I'm surfing around reading other people's stuff.

I love the Sanctuary line of fabric by Moda, the picture up there that I really wanted to be in the middle here, but I haven't figured out to do that yet. Oh well... Has anyone done anything fun with this fabric? I'm waiting on a pattern I ordered from etsy, called Amadeus, that I think might work well with it.

Well I best go figure out something for dinner before I have a full scale revolt on my hands. I'm going to sneak back on later and see if I can't figure some more stuff out : )