18 November 2009

It was a very Happy Birthday!

I was going to say last Monday was my birthday, but oops it was Monday before last...where has the time gone? Anyone? Please? I want to send a big thank you out for all the birthday wishes and cards :) And a very special thank you to my sweet friend Sharon for these awesome gifties that arrived well in advance of my big day.Here's Sarah modeling the shirt she sent me that has now become my favorite walking shirt :)Cute pumpkin candleYummy smell good potpourriMerry Halloween sign that goes sooo cute with my cat and pumpkin "sticks"LOVE these fat quartersthis is an adorable bag, it was hard to get a good picture though.Thank you so much Sharon, I love them all! And I miss you sooo much!!

Nancy and I are birthday twins and she is the good twin because she sent me this cute little card holder in time for our birthday and I still haven't sent hers, that makes me the evil twin...I don't like the sound of that. How about "bad" twin? Inside was a starbucks card--thank you so much Nancy!
My kiddos got me some great pressies too! I was very impressed with the beautiful wrapping, thanks to Hannah, Daniel's girlfriend :) So impressed I never took pictures unwrapped :(This present was from Hannah, see the straws? I have a thing about straws lol!! I had to share this Halloween picture of Sarah and her best friend dressed up as Tweedlee Dee and Tweedle Dum.I will be back soon with that tutorial for the Authentic quilt that I have been promising a few of you...I haven't forgotten.