05 December 2008

Here we go again

I feel like I just put my Christmas decorations away and here it is time to put them up again! Luckily I love decorating for Christmas, although I was a little bit sad to put away the Fall goodies this year. Every year on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving we drag out all the tubs and boxes and deck the halls...and the yard. Now it's all up but the tree...that comes next weekend. We get a fresh tree every year and have learned to wait until a couple of weeks before Christmas in order not to have it turn into kindling before Christmas morning lol! Unfortunately most of my pictures came out blurry--I'll try again when the tree is up.
I trekked over to Rosie's on Wednesday to take advantage of her 25% off of magazines and came home with a pile...here's a little peek at 2 of my favorites: I want her house!I want to make almost everything in this one! I love this wreath:Are these little tins adorable or what?
I'm making this little trio--well it's going to be a trio lol--for a gift, I think...I love the bright happy fabric!O.k. that's enough for now...gotta go get busy--lots to do and only 20 days left to do it--yikes!!!