10 December 2008

So I'm just a little behind....

Today I was cleaning out/organizing pictures for blogging and found an old folder with pictures I've never posted--oops! I had good intentions of posting some good recipes, tips for turkey brining and basting and assorted other tidbits. Maybe next year :) I was embarrassed though when I realized that I'd never posted this sweet package that came back in October from Carol. Such a cute jack-o-lantern and filled with the yummiest treats--the kiddos gobbled it up fast! I hid these away for myself for a few days before I shared :)I can only imagine that it's because I got so many packages from her around this time that I thought I had done it. Thank you Carol :) Sorry I'm such an airhead!

O.k. back to the present. The reason I'm sorting my files is I'm trying to get a little bit organized and start posting more frequently and shorter...I tend to save up and then wham! We'll see how it goes :) I'm also trying to read a little everyday rather than catching up once a week (blogs that is). I owe Nanette for that idea. She's making me read her blog every day...o.k she's not making me but in order to get the most entries in her blogaversary extravaganza I have to comment every day and as long as I'm on my bloglines I go ahead and take a peek at what everyone else is up to, and I think it's working for me---thanks Nanette :) Oh and make sure you go over and check out the fun at Freda's Hive it's not too late!I have 3 Christmas flimsies from last year that I am hoping to get quilted by New Years Day.
So yesterday morning I got the top one pinned and then decided to quilt it in snowflakes and mittens...it's cute but it's taking forever!! The next two I'm going back to easier/quicker designs or I'll never finish...not to mention getting the rest of my Christmas gifts made...o.k back to work!!See? I can do short :)