17 December 2008


Is what I am right now. Look what came from Carol...I know, right? Speechless.... It's pouring rain here and after waving goodbye as Daniel drove off to work (after telling him to drive careful like a gazillion times) I checked my messages and heard my neighbor's voice telling me that the mailman had put a package on my porch and I should get it before it floats away. I am soooo glad she happened to see it because here is what was waiting:I swear as soon as I got this glimpse my heart just stopped...no really--it did. I was actually afraid to open any further, because I thought there was no way it was what it looked like it might be. I opened the card first...I never do that :) When I saw what she wrote I finally realized yes there was an actual quilt in this box. A quilt made from my absolute favorite fabric in the world. Isn't it gorgeous? And adorable? Oh and perfect? If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know how perfect this is for me :) I love this quilt sooo sooo much Carol. When I called her to say thank you I was still in speechless mode and forgot to tell her that I had to wait until the tears of joy passed to make the call...So no matter what else Santa brings this year...I'm happy!! Look at the beautiful quilting: Make sure you click to enlarge to really see it. Beautiful flowers!So I left the quilt all neatly laid out on my bed...came back in just now to take a picture of the card and apparently somebody has already tried it out because this is how I found it :)Thank you doesn't begin to say it Carol...you amaze me with your generosity, not just to me but in all the charity work you do and with all your friends. You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know! I will cherish this quilt for always. And because I can't come up with a better word than the customary one....THANK YOU, Thank you, thank you, thank you........thank you.....Thank you dear friend :) I still can't quite believe this is mine!!