13 December 2008

One done two to go

I finished the first quilt top except for hand stitching the binding and as you can see that little omission doesn't keep anyone around here from using the quilts first. I was on a roll so I immediately pinned flimsy number two. I made a little table topper with my left over squares of this one. Well I'm not on a roll anymore I still haven't started quilting the second one. Instead I got sidetracked by my pink, red and aqua box :) Someday I'm going to get a little white feather tree and these will be all ready to hang. Sorry if this post is really quick, I feel like I'm coming down with something :( I've had a headache all day and now I'm getting that achy all over feeling. Thankfully Sarah and I found an awesome used bookstore last Sunday after church and I brought home a nice big stack of books. I'm going to go climb in bed with a cup of hot tea and a good book! Hope you all have a great weekend !