27 March 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

I think the flub up fairy has come to live with me...uninvited might I add. Remember the goofs I showed last post? Well I've almost outdone myself with this one. Almost. But that's for another post :) Sarah has been bugging me to quilt her table topper so Tuesday, after the kid's left with their dad for an overnight ski trip, I finally got some time and got busy. Last night I just had some stippling left on the corners so I quickly finished it up so it would be done when she got back. Looks o.k. from this side...Apparently I went a little too quick grrrrr. I'm tempted to just fold a square in half for a label and stick it there, we'll see.
I did manage to finish quilting a couple of other table toppers this week without totally screwing them up :) I started to cut another top and then took a look at my flimsy pile and decided I really needed to finish at least a couple table toppers before I started anymore piecing projects. I'm taking a machine quilting class at the end of April so I'm putting off some of my bigger projects till then.
I did do a few piecing projects mainly to use up swell scraps.I made a deal with myself that I had to do something with some of my Sanctuary fabric before I can buy any Simplicity, and I really want Simplicity :)This is the March Clothesline Club project that I'm doing through the fatquartershop.
And this is the March Stars around the Garden bom's from the Country Loft.
Oh and before I forget I got tagged by Amanda over at Busy little quilter for the 7 random things that I did here, so I hope it's not cheating just to link to last month's but I know I can't come up with 7 more things so soon :) Thanks for tagging me Amanda :) I think most everyone has been tagged, except maybe Wendy who has a new blog that is absolutely adorable so Wendy I'm tagging you and the rest of you go check out her blog! If anyone else hasn't been tagged consider yourself tagged and let me know so I can come read it :) Have a great weekend! I hope everyone gets lots of time to sew!