11 March 2008

Pin Cushions and Posh

I couldn't find a deadline posted for the pin cushion challenge at Blueberry Lane so I'm hoping I'm on time :) If you haven't joined in yet hop on over and check out the cute book she's giving away.
And then check out some of the pincushions people have been posting...wow some really cute stuff out there in blogland...I'm feeling needy right now lol...I need that book, I really need to add some more pin cushions to this sad little collection--don't you all agree???

I went to Rosie's for just a wee little teensy tiny bit more of the ME fabric and was sucked in by this new line by Moda:It's so much prettier than I could tell from the pictures I'd seen online!
So I'm hoping to get a bunch of sewing done in the next week. Saturday is National Quilt Day and I'm planning on observing it by....quilting...clever of me, huh? :) Check out what's going on over at Pat Sloane's blog--looks like fun!!!
And then Tuesday is the next Quiltathon!!! Go here to Judy's blog and check it out if you haven't already! Thank you Amanda for helping me get this button to work!!You should see the eye rolling I've been getting over here from certain teenagers when I tried to share my excitement about 2 whole days doing nothing but quilting--all they heard was you're gonna have to feed yourselves LOL!!!
I'm hoping to finish up my Swell quilt top and table topper and make some progress on my ME quilt top and table runner/wall hangingand make about 10 more blocks to add to Tag Sale. We'll see...best laid plans and all that...Have a great weekend!