18 March 2008

Lot's of Swell!

Hopefully no one's sick of Swell yet, I don't think I can ever get enough! And I haven't even opened my fat quarter bundle yet...yes I am infatuated lol!!

I thought I was going to quilt all day today...but between getting new tires on the car and taking my son to work and picking him up and then a mother/daughter African jewelry party tonight I'm thinking I'll be lucky if I get any quilting in at all! I did get a lot of quilting in Friday and Saturday though so I'm not complaining. Anyway this is just a quick post because when I looked at my calendar I realized this is a really busy week and this may be my only chance to blog! I finished my Swell top:
this pattern is called Jellystone Park and it goes together sooo fast! I like it in person but I'm not liking how the border looks in the photo...oh well :)
Now I'm still struggling with what to do with my table topper borders--what do you think?
Here are a couple of reasons that I should never sew or cut late at night. I caught up to February in my Country Loft block of the month...but my center got pretty wonky on that bottom right one. Definitely a redo :( It looks way worse in person.
And then I had 10 leftover blocks from Swell and decided to cut them up and make something...so far so good
That's what I said as I tried to stop my hand from finishing that deadly second cut lol!! What was I thinking? Obviously I was not thinking!
This was not my stupidest mistake ever though, nope I've made lots and lots of stupid mistakes lol! I'll save my worst ever for another post :) And it's a doozy lemme tell ya!!
O.k. I'm going to try and work on this month's clothesline club before it's time to start driving again!