05 April 2008

Busy Week

Or maybe I should say busy month! I homeschool my kids and Spring is always busy because it's when I start making lesson plans and purchasing curriculum for the following Fall. This year is busier than usual because my oldest son is graduating High School and there is soooo much to get done!!! So all that to say sorry if I'm not commenting as often as usual, I'm trying to only look at my bloglines twice a week (that's hard!) and only blog once a week...what's been happening is I get on to blog and read instead and then I'm out of time! Anyway on to the good stuff :)

I finally finished my ME quilt last night...well I think it's finished anyway. I was originally going to add one more outer border--the pattern calls for it and I have the fabric...in fact I have 2 fabrics because I couldn't decide. And now I think I like it better without. I'm going to wait a few days and look at it again.Tuesday I took a class at the Country Loft. I'm doing their Stars around the Garden BOM and the middle is all applique. Every first Tuesday they have a class for that months block and since I really don't applique I thought that would be a good class to take. Of course while I was there I had to take pictures of just a few of their many adorable quilts that are in every nook and cranny of the store! This one is so cool the roofs and doors are painted on! They have kits made up and I think I'm going to get one next time I'm there!This was last years Bom "Siblings" because all the big blocks have little blocks isn't that cute? And Donna made this little one--I think she said from the bonus blocks--adorable!Here's Janine getting encouragement from Donna, our wonderful teacher :) You can see the quilt we're working on in the background.

This is a little table topper Janine made withFall Back in Time and a schnibbles pattern-Hat Trick. Another Quilt Shop I love to visit is Cozy Quilts. They have a "strip club" one Monday a month and you get a free pattern just for going. Here is Rock Star last months pattern that they made with their new line of fabric by Moda All About Color.This is All Stars last months pattern. Their patterns are all so easy and fun and work with Jelly Rolls or 21/2" strips. I had to show these cute fabrics I just found at Rosie's aren't they adorable? Now to figure out how to use them! O.k I'm running late to pick up oldest son at work so I gotta run---Have a great week!