16 December 2007


So middle son just may be headed for culinary greatness :) He just whipped up a batch of Cinnamon Rolls the likes of which I have never tasted--better than Cinnabon--seriously I'm not even kidding!!! He's making them for a party and all day yesterday I tried to convince him to just make the Pillsbury-bang it on the side of the counter and pop them out- kind, mostly out of laziness cuz I want to work on my quilt:) Anyway he was determined they had to be homemade from scratch, I told him o.k. but this is your project not mine! And ta-da he did it, even chose the recipe on his own.

I think this may be the world's best cookbook it's from Chinaberry.com
And it's the Chinaberry Cookbook, clever. I have loved every recipe I've tried in it. It's worth ordering their catalog if just for the book reviews. It was one of my favorite companies when my kid's were younger. And no I don't own stock in the company or anything lol!