28 December 2007

Big Day!

So my oldest son started his first day at work at Hollister today...pretty exciting his first job!!
There he goes...I threatened to call a meeting to make sure everyone would be nice...:) He didn't think that was funny. So after dropping him off at the Mall I went home and worked on step 4 of Bonnie's mystery quilt. I got all set up with my dvd player and a nice glass of wine and I finished the step 4 triangles!


Karen (Misiz C) said...

Good job keeping up with the mystery! I'm hoping to get to step 4 today.

Gotta love kids with jobs. Yesterday DD#1 found a top she wanted and didn't have to ask me for money. :cD

Red Geranium Cottage said...

He's a cutie!! I can see him working at Holister. The girls will be happy!!! And what a way to sew with a glass of wine!!! If that quilt doesn't turn out right we'll know why. LOL

Ribbonwiz said...

Blocks look great...must be your great stitching helped with a little wine!
I still have a bit fo catching up to do..

Wendy said...

Congrats to your son. He'll really like it when he gets his first paycheck.

Wine and quilting together...hmmmmm I should try that.

Helen in the UK said...

Yeah - congrats on finishing Step 4 :)

Tracy said...

How exciting for your son! I hope his frist day went well.

Your step 4 blocks look beautiful:)

Phyllis Williams said...

Just realized that I have been here before...you are my first PIF-er...lol.

Just wandering the CC Mystery ring and looking at everyones goodies.

Your blues and yellows are beautiful!

My baby started his first job today...I am getting OLD...oh no!

I have-to-get some of those shelf-sitters...toooo cute.