12 December 2007

Finished with Step 2!!

So step 2 is done and I'm ready for the next one! I've got to go work on a wall hanging for my Mom and if I make some progress and get my camera battery charged I'll post some pics later!
Oops, I guess I never hit post, I just came back and here it was sitting. So I made good progress on Mom's wall hanging...I'm thinking I may have to do another for my wall. This is a pattern called Will and Chill from McCalls Quick Quilts. It was really easy, but time consuming, if you know what I mean. Lots of little corner square triangles! O.k. I have got to go to bed...I keep saying that and then I think of one more thing to do, but I think this is it and I can go get rested before tomorrow's big clue #3....yipee!