19 December 2007

Starlight Circle

Tonight we took our traditional walk through a local neighborhood that goes all out with the lights. They call it Starlight Circle for the Holidays. We usually go with a bunch of people but tonight it was just us, which was actually really nice. I know these times are going to be over before I know it...I can't believe they are all teenagers this year! My oldest will be eighteen in February and graduates in June. I am trying to just enjoy every moment this year! They are doing a little impromptu dance here :)

I buy a special ornament for them each year (so they'll have a good start on tree decorations when they move out) and they opened them before we left for our walk.

I spent the day at 2 different malls and various strip malls but I think I'm done with my shopping...yay! Now I need a whole day to bake and another to sew and I think I'll be ready...whew! But tonight I just want to have a hot shower and climb into bed and read!


Doe said...

Wishing you happy holidays!

mystery signer said...

Hey guess who??? Thats right the mystery signer---I am finally checking out your blog and the other ladies from last night! Did you guess who this is yet? Anyway I went red ger. and now I understand the comments made about various things about her house. Wow am I not up with the 21st cenurty keep in touch with quilters around the U.S. This is a really cute blog! Love all the pics and comments--feel like I was there! Ha ha I now have your blog and the others--from last night on my favorites, it only took me 6 months to check this out---