26 June 2008

Pincushion arrival

My pincushion arrived yesterday all the way from the U.K.!!!! Thank you to Linda for hosting this fun swap!! It was my first but definitely not last!! I love how it's the Royal Mail...
Look at the cute fabric she wrapped it inand another cute layer. Can you see the cats on this fabric too?Karol-Ann did a great job--didn't she? It's a little ginger cat pincushion :) Also included was a cute little tin (with a kitty) of some yummy candy. I forgot to take a picture of his backside...he has a little patchwork hiney. Too cute!
Lemon thinks it 's his... he put up quite a fuss when I took it away. Please don't look at the carpet...I've been doing some cutting but absolutely no vacuuming. I have no excuse either as I just bought a brand new vacuum. Thank you so much Karol-Ann...I love it :)
I'm editing this to add that Karol-Ann has posted the cute backside on her blog so go take a peek over there! I finished my pincushion the other night but I have to pick up a couple little tidbits to include . I'm going to pick up Janine right now for her Birthday lunch /party and hopefully she'll be up for some shopping after so I can get my package out tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Janine and Michele and Kim 3 good friends who all have birthdays this week!!! I love you guys (even though you never leave comments lol!!!) As soon as I mail it it's on to the cupcake swap over at Sharon's, fun, fun, fun!!!!