21 June 2008

Woo Hoo!!!!

He did it!!!! Or should I say we did it! Now I'm going to go crash for about a week lol!! This was quite the exciting/busy week. Jonathan turned 16 on Thursday and Daniel graduated yesterday and may I just say that although it was all good and wonderful I am pretty thrilled that the week is now behind me! Here are some photo's of the big day.
Playing Piano for the prelude:they have a time in the middle of the ceremony where the graduates bring their mom a rose :) family photo:Senior photo board:Can't forget the Birthday boy!I made the yummiest white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream cake for Jonathan's B-day...I think it had about 5,000 calories per slice and they all showed up on my hips just in time for graduation lol!I did start a new top...hey a girl's gotta de-stress right? This is with "Isn't Christmas Jolly?" It's just blocks right now and I've been playing with them on my design wall. I'm off to catch up on some blog and e-mail reading, I pretty much haven't even seen my computer for the last week! Have a great rest of the weekend! I'm planning on just trying to stay cool...did I mention that it's been well over a 100 degrees for the last week? Last night it was still 90 at midnight!! I know thats no big deal for some of you living on the surface of the sun...(Darlene) but I'm not used to it!! As long as the power doesn't go out and my a/c keeps kickin' out the chilled air I guess I'll survive :)