03 June 2008

Easy Peasy Purse

I'm just popping in real quick to show you guys the easiest purse in the world!!! Really. I wouldn't lie to you. Janine came over yesterday afternoon to sew and we made these purses
from this magazine:(Which just came out so if you don't have it yet you can still get it!) In fact some stores still have the older one...it's that new :) We sat and sewed for oh about 5 minutes and kind of looked at each other like "no way, can it really be this easy?" It can. It was. 30 maybe 45 minutes tops you'll go from ordinary kitchen towelsto this:Total cost: 3.99 for 3 kitchen towels from Ross 4.19 for bag handles from Joannes (30% off right now) Pretty cool huh?
O.k. today's kitten picture is a bit graphic so if you have a weak stomach just move on to the next blog now. To the rest of you this is a picture of when we still had all 3 babies. First thing every morning when we woke them up they would all hop in the "yucky box" and have a little group potty together...pretty disgusting really...and yet somehow sweet at the same time. Hey I warned you!
Wish me luck I'm off to drive the giant truck for the Registrar of Voters again tonight!