10 June 2008

Beach Day Quilt

Every Summer we have a beach day on Tuesdays in Del Mar. Last year I would bring a quilt and put it on the grass and no sooner would I lay it down than someone would start giving me grief saying "oh you just can't put that beautiful quilt on the ground!" So this year I decided to make a special quilt just for Beach Day. Specially made to put on the ground.I have been having trouble with Blogger not sending me all my comments. I get about 3 out of 4 grrrr. I really appreciate and love all your comments and I like to respond but I know I have been missing some of you and I just want to say sorry and I'm not ignoring you! I'm hoping it will resolve soon. Of course some of you are no-reply and then I can't ever respond : ( If you are no-reply and don't want to be just go to your profile page and make sure your e-mail is listed and the box is checked.
Gratuitous kitten picture...yup he's in a purse.I changed a few things on my sidebar...did anyone notice that I had the Thirteenth Tale in "on my nightstand" for oh about 4 months??? Nope not a mistake, I just finished it night before last. It was a good book I just haven't been reading as much as usual, too much quilting I guess. (Is that even possible lol?) So I have decided to be more disciplined about turning off the light in the sewing room and getting in bed and spending some time with a cup of tea and a good book! I started The Friday Night Knitting Club last night and so far so good. The next trick is being disciplined enough to turn off my bedroom light and get some sleep. Here is what's on my nightstand now:
Now for some proud mama stuff. See the favorite music up there? That's Daniel's myspace music spot. Unfortunately myspace has horrible sound but if you download it-it sounds way better. Anyway that's his music...his senior project is producing a CD of original music. So I figured I should put a link here to promote his music...right? (how many times can I use the word "music" in a paragraph? A lot of times lol) O.k. off to do a little more in my sewing room before it gets too late! I'm using my Hopscotch Charm packs...finally! I love this line! Here's a sneak peek....of course it could change :)And I still can't decide on what to do with Cherry Baby...
Have a great week-hopefully with lots of time to sew :)