11 July 2008

We loved you little guy!

I've been gone for a couple of weeks and have been wanting to get on here to explain so many times... I opened my e-mail for the first time in awhile today and the first letter that popped up was from my pincushion swap partner, such a sweet letter that reminded me what I love about the online blog community. Two weeks ago my mom took a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital, she was having trouble communicating and severely injured. She is in a nursing home now and awaiting time in a hyperbaric chamber to hopefully help her heal more quickly. Right about the time she seemed to be on the mend our sweet kitten Lemon seemed not himself. We lost our precious kitty on Tuesday due to kidney failure, the vet could not determine if it was genetic or if he had ingested a toxin. I am planning on putting a picture memorial to him on my sidebar soon. In addition to that there have been numerous family issues going on that I can't really write about but have been time consuming, thankfully nothing to do with my immediate family. I am leaving next Tuesday for our annual beach camping trip. The Lord in His Goodness knew that I was going to need this in July this year rather than September as has been our usual time to go----I love how God always knows this stuff :) I love you guys...all of you :) There have been bright spots in the last couple of weeks that I will eventually post about, but you know how when bad stuff is happening it somehow seems just wrong to write to gleefully about anything?
Anyway I miss you ALL and I think after beach camping and quilt festival which follows immediately after I should be be back and better. I have so many of your great blogs to catch up on I don't know how long it will take me to catch up on my own...but eventually I will...I think that Lemon was so ingrained in my blog it has just made it hard to get back to it...thank you for understanding as I know you will as you are all so kind. Carol...thank you so much for the charm pack...I have been remiss in mentioning... you probably didn't even notice as you aren't that way...but I sooo realized what a blessing your gift to me was as my mom is declining and your sweet gift is going to her...thank you sweet friend :) And Sharon for being in touch with me the whole time and expressing your concern...and all of you who have been asking what's up, thank you for your concern and care I really appreciate it. My "1 year blog anniversary" is July and I want to do a give-away but this just isn't the time. So when I'm back...as long as every thing settles down (it will...right?) I will have one, hopefully with some fun stuff from quilt festival! I'm probably forgetting someone or something even now...thank you for your understanding as I'm not quite myself right now :) See you all in August.