15 October 2010

Testing, testing….

I’m testing windows writer.  Kpaints over at Cheney Bag Lady suggested it and I remembered that I had downloaded it a long time ago and forgotten all about it.   I’m also going to give Punkie Pie’s suggestion a try.  I will be playing around here for a couple of posts probably so I’m just going to call them all “testing” so ya’ll can just ignore them.  O.k. now for the real test….pictures!
Seems to be working.  I just realized I never posted my pictures of the Country Loft quilt auction and Fall show.  So I will be using them in my test posts.  So maybe don’t ignore me after all.  O.k. here goes…


kpaints said...

Works great, doesn't it? Looks great....beautiful quilts!

Some time you might tell me how you got the signature done like that...I would like to try it. Thanks and have fun...I know you will love WLW.

paulette said...

Test away!! I can't wait to see the show!! :o)

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I LOVE your new blog look! The pictures look really nice. So does the rest of your blog.