16 August 2009

My little Pile of Productivity

I finally got to spend some significant time in my sewing room this weekend and actually get some stuff accomplished. Nothing new and exciting, but rather the mundane boring bits that I tend to put off. You know the dreaded 3 B's....Borders, Bindings and Backs. At least to me they are dreaded, for all I know they may be your favorite parts and if so maybe we can work out a trade :) Anyway if one actually wants to ever end up with a finished quilt they must be done and since the quilt finishing fairy never showed up here (and I gave her plenty of time) that's how I spent my Friday and Saturday. And now that it's over with and they're done? I feel so much better!

I got the borders on these 4:
the backs sewn for these 3:The bindings sewn on these 2:And the binding finished on this one and it's on my table!Look at this one, so cute, all it needs is one more border and it would be big enough for my king bed. I have wanted to make a quilt big enough for my bed for forever. But no. Nancy is making me cut it up and then sew it together again and then put more borders on it. I know I shouldn't complain....she went to a lot of trouble to find and then mail me the template that I need to cut it...and it's going to be way cuter than it is now (go check out the ones she's made here)....but still, it's going to be hard. Nancy, you're going to hold my hand, right?
O.k. there's still a little weekend left so it's back to work! Hope you're all having a great weekend :)