27 August 2009

Country Loft part 2

So yeah I'm lame...I said I'd be back "tomorrow" and here it is days later...sorry. It's really late and I'm exhausted so here are the pictures of the class projects and patterns from "The Loft". Some amazingly talented ladies (and men as it turns out) have taken part in this show...my good friend Janine being one of them :) This is her Stars Around the Garden BOM and did she do an amazing job or what? Oops this is a pattern from the shop that I liked and should have been in the last batch....I know I have some repeats and some out of order--but it's late and I figured you'd rather sort through it than have me not put everything up---right? Again you can click on anything to enlarge and all of these projects are from the Country Loft so they can get you the patterns etc..their # and more goodies is in my previous post. I put some blocks individually up down below for those of you who do your own quilting (like me) because they are so inspiring...so please click and enlarge she has done some amazing stuff!


I am so sorry to anyone who left a comment on my last post and didn't get a response... I get my email on my blackberry and sometimes I delete it all on accident :( I did that the day before yesterday so please forgive me? I have a love/hate relationship with technology :)