13 August 2009

Flower Sugar

This gorgeous bundle of fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics was waiting for me outside my front door today. The fabric came very nicely packaged and folded and soo quick!and boy did it cheer me up :) Wait it's too pretty for a group shot...I need to show you each one individually, dontcha think? These first four are from the Flower Sugar line by Lecien...I want to eat them!Isn't this vintage Christmas fabric sooo cute?
I love this linen, the turquoise one is so soft and it's half price right now.
I asked Nanette if she knew where there might be more of the Flower Sugar (that lucky girl has all of it!!!) and she gave me this link to Thimblecreek (it's quite a bit more here than at Pink Chalk but they have different fabrics) where I just ordered a wee bit more :) Did I mention that I LOVE it?!!? Now to go dream about what I will do with it...sigh...
Oh and by the way if any of you happen to know where I can get even more? Do tell :)