28 August 2009


I think I just might have enough Flower Sugar now....maybe...I even cut into it and used it!! I had to after I heard my darling daughter remark to her friend, after I had gleefully showed them my gorgeous pile, " she's just going to stare at it for awhile and then put it away for "special". The bag is the Jane Market Bag from "Posie rosy little things" with a few alterations. I think I could have stayed up all night making these...so much fun and instant gratification. I ran out of crushed walnuts so I stopped...for now.
The pin cushions were inspired by one of these wonderful little Japanese books that I have been collecting for a few weeks...I love them!! Of course I had to buy some fabric while shopping for the books...
The books and fabric are all from Superbuzzy. Well not the Flower Sugar, that I've been collecting from all over the place. Sharon and I are "Flower Sugar Buddies" and send each other updates as we find new places to buy it. She said we will go to rehab together because we are addicts lol!! Maybe I shouldn't be laughing, it's not too far from the truth :)