24 October 2008

Oh my stars!

I was amazed and overwhelmed on Wednesday when a package appeared on my doorstep from Carol. I wasn't amazed that she sent me a package. She does that a lot :) I was amazed at the contents. So a while back I was admiring this quilt that she'd made and she said she had some "scraps" left over...might even be enough to make these stars and she would love to send them to me. I said sure I'd love to have your "scraps". Do these look like scraps? She sent me practically a whole fat quarter bundle!!! This light stack is all uncut fat quarters!!As if that weren't enough she also included this cute little ME calendar/planner. Now anyone who knows me knows how perfectly this sentiment fits lol!!! Thank you soooo much Carol!!
Monday I got to do a little impromptu shopping and lunching, a good combo pretty much anytime, but add in these two and it's really a treat! Is Deb's car too cute? When my chauffeuring days are through I think this is the car I want.Speaking of Deb, she had finger surgery today so go say hi and cheer her up, she can't sew for 3 weeks!!
We started at the Country Loft where I refrained from taking anymore pictures (but there are some more over at Sharon's). I did take out my camera at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza--had to get a picture of us with our yummy pizza's. From the left: Janine, Sharon, me, Deb. If any of you have one of these near you, you have got to try the Brie with Truffle Oil and Wild Mushroom Artisan pizza that's what 3 of us had...someone had to be different...and her's was yummy too, Feta and sundried tomatoes I think.

I actually think I went a whole entire week without sewing!! So not a lot to show. I copy catted this quilt from Carol--who sent me a sneak peek at it a while back before she showed it. I loved it and had to have one of my own.This was our brown bag project last week (the give thanks wool picture):
And I did some work on my wool Fall pillow, that will probably be a wall hanging until the kitten is just a little more trustworthy lol!As soon as those um scraps arrived I started cutting and I cut all day yesterday. I made these little samples first to make sure my measurements were right:Then I stayed up way too late last night making all the points for these:
And now I'm off to sew them together and make more!!! Have a great weekend everyone!
Oh one more thing--some of you are asking questions without leaving an e-mail. I'm always happy to answer any question but you have to make sure you're not anonymous or no-reply because then I have no way to answer and that makes me sad :(