15 October 2008


So I finally tried the wonky method of quilting....'cause I wanted to get a "quick wall hanging thingy" done...so a whole friggin' day later I have a whopping 17" square little quilt top done...umm something must have gone wrong here people--I can finish a lap size quilt in that amount of time...huh?
Well it's kinda cute anyways-- but seriously...anyone else have issues with "wonky"? I mean it's supposed to be easy, right? O.k. so it did get easier after I got a little method to my madness but still....O.k. before I forget go here to enter for a fantastic give-away of an amazing quilt!!!
I've gotten 3 new books this week...here are 2...the other 1 not only can't I find, I don't even remember what it was...yikes!I love. love. love. Kaffe Fasset's new book. Here's just a "tiny" peek, I really need to make this "S" quilt for Sarah.Haven't had a chance to look at the border book yet-it just came today and looks very technical but that's what I wanted so that's o.k.! I'll tell you what I think after I've read it more thouroughly.
Oh and the Marie Claire people called me and asked if I would like them to mail the latest issue...um duh? yeah like immediately!! I love this magazine...even though I don't speak French, I can find out all the important stuff ( my ex happens to be bilingulal and happy to translate for me)And speaking of the French, they have many marvelous inventions, the Butter Bell being one of them. Have you heard of a Butter Bell? Do you wish for a way to have soft butter that is also fresh? And not have to use nasty margarine (that causes so many health problems) the Butter Bell is your answer. Typically $20 online plus shipping or $30 at William Sonoma (where I came soooo close to buying it) you can get it for 7.95 at Amazon.com and I have been the guinnea pig for you lol.I thought no way can this be the same thing as I'm seeing online other places...but it is. Unfortunately I don't get any $ for this advertisement lol!!! But omg you guys this is one of the greatist "foodie" gadgets ever and it qualifies for the $25 free shipping deal...go get one NOW!!! Oh yeah and it keeps your butter fresh for a whole month!!! See how it's still light yellow and not that nasty color of butter that's been out to long? Been in the Butter Bell for over a week :)
And I attempted another applique project...please don't click to enlarge this one...yikes I need a lot more practice!! But from a distance I like it :) It's from 2007 Fall issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Have a great week!!