27 September 2008

Awesome Artsy Autumn Swap Goodies!

My Artsy Autumn Swap goodies from Linda came on Thursday and I have been trying to find time ever since to blog about them. Look at all the gorgeous fall "fabulousness" she sent me!!
I immediately made use of the gorgeous iron basket:I've been wearing this bracelet since I got it!Sarah is modeling the apron she sent please ignore the mess in the background...I really do clean my sewing room between projects lol! I guess I need to take a picture someday when it's neat to prove it!This was such a fun swap and Linda does a great job hosting. There were give-aways galore throughout the swap time period and a flikr group etc. Check out her swap blog here--there is another sign up starting October 1st for:The cool thing is you don't have to send out until January 15th so the Christmas madness will be over :)
A while back I won a give away over at Vickie's blog and this is the fun little bundle she sent me:
Notice the ME card and stickers :)
I have been working on a few things in the sewing room. I turned this stack:
into this:
and I'm working on turning this stack:
into this so far:I finished quilting Hopscotch and even got it bound!

Go check out Hanne's blog she's having a give-away of her cute new stocking pattern.
Another give-away over at Marlene's. Oh and speaking a cute new patterns have you all been over to Nanette's and seen her new patterns? You have to go look they are adorable!!!
One more link and I'm done...promise :) But you've gotto go check out the baby quilt contest here, the prizes are gift certificates to Superbuzzy!
O.k I've gotta go do a few more Halloween/fall stuff with these leftoversHave a great weekend!