14 September 2008

Favorite Tools Give Away

Yes my blogiversary was actually in July...I'm a procrastinator o.k.? I thought it would be fun to see what tools you all love and so for this give away just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite tool(s) is(are). I will draw a name next Sunday (Sept. 21) night. The winner will receive a few of my favorite tools. The reason this actually took me so long to get around to doing is that one of my favorite tools is this precision trimmer and it has been on back order since July!This is a must have for squaring up half and quarter square triangles. I have a small one also but when Kathy ordered this they said they didn't know anything about a little one so I don't know if they're discontinued or what but I didn't want to wait any longer!
Probably my number one favorite tool is the Angler 2. I have loved making half square triangles ever since I started using this...no more drawing lines. I couldn't find the new one to put in the picture but I'll find it by Sunday--it is part of the prize.The pebbles needles are my favorites because of the cute case :) But these self threading needles are amazing, they really work! I haven't seen them anywhere since I bought them I'm going to keep looking but if I can't find anymore I'll stick a few from my box in.The companion angle works well with strip quilts...the ones where you cut triangles out of rows of strips like thisO.k. these are not part of the prize...more of a cheap tip...you know those expensive thingys they sell to tilt your machine towards you so it's better for your back? These 2 dollar door stops from home depot work just as well...I was googling a question about machine quilting and up came a tip page from 2002 or something and this was on it. I have felt the difference since I've been using them. I have to use it with my smaller snap on table rather than my large acrylic one but that's o.k. for most sewing. I can't wait to see your favorites!!!