12 April 2008

More ME

No not more me...more ME. Although I do like my blue and yellow ME top, to me-ME is all about the red and the black and the yellow!!! So when I was trolling the web looking for inspiration this morning and came across this free BOM I knew I had found my next ME project! So this is what I spent my morning sewing:I used to always do something with those pull out posters that came in her magazine and it almost always revolved around red and black. Here's a tray I decoupaged and painted with one of them.
Yes I'm putting old craft projects in here to disguise (poorly) the fact that I have done almost zero in the sewing department this week...I think I may have reached a new all time low :( But here's what I've been thinking about trying to make something with lol!I did make a trip to Rosie's. I had to because the last time I was there I forgot to get my card stamped and you can't miss a month or it's invalid. I'm starting to collect some civil war fabrics. I am so loving all the blocks I'm seeing on a lot of your blogs I'm feeling the need to make a few of my own :)I've also been playing around some more with Cherry Baby:I've been meaning to thank everyone who gave their input on which borders I should use for this table topper...THANK YOU!!! I promised I know to show what I decided...the problem is I am now thinking it may not be a table topper after all...I'm thinking it would make such a pretty tote bag!! Who knows what it will end up as...but I promise that I will show you when I finally decide :)

I got some fun amazon mail. I am loving this new book by Susan Branch:
Lots of fun stuff like this in it (click to enlarge):And this book on 30's quiltsand lots of fun little quilt goodness in this oneinteresting method to do these triangles in here One thing I have been doing is pinning...(and re-pinning but again that's another story) I had been hoping to get some machine quilting done this weekend...can you say "unseasonably warm"??? That's what they're calling it...it was 96 degrees Fahrenheit here in San Diego today!!! I refuse to turn the air conditioner on in April for Pete's sake!! However since I can't stand to quilt when it's hot I just fiddled around and didn't accomplish much...oh well there's always tomorrow :) And to all of you still putting up with cold weather....I am not complaining about this (my heart goes out to anyone still getting snow in the Spring!!!) simply saying I can't/won't quilt in this weather without my a/c and I'm too cheap to turn it on right now lolol!!!
And before I forget I was tagged by Eileen over at Eileen's Attic. She has a really cute blog you should definitely check out! I am going to wimp out and just link back to last tag (again! lol!).
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!
I'm editing this to add that there is a blog give-away of a cute little quilt over at JulieKQuilts! So go throw in your hat! Wait! Why am I doing this? It lowers my chances doesn't it?? LOL!
O.k editing again...meant to say go throw your name in the hat....whatever lol!