25 April 2008

Kittens, kittens, kittens

Last Friday I took a fun class at the Country Loft called "Brown Bag".Jo Ann does this once a month and basically you just bring needle and thread and she surprises you with a fun project that you can finish (usually) in the 2 hour class period. This was my first one but many of the ladies had been doing it since the beginning 6 years ago. This is the cute little wool needle and pin wallet we made. More cute quilts they had up:While I was taking the class my daughter called to inform me that she and her brother had found a little orphan kitten in our backyard and could I (while running a gazillion other errands for her big birthday bash later that afternoon) please add bottles, kitten formula and other sundry kitten supplies to my list..."why of course sweetie I was hoping to cram a few more to-do's into my day :) This is Lemon:I discovered that weekend that Lemon was a high need kitten and "needed" to be in my lap almost non-stop. My kiddo's were off attending various parties and left me with kitten care duty. The bright side is that I discovered that while I couldn't really sew with Lemon in my lap I could do stitcheries and I actually finished these that I started last Summer to make this bag with. It is also Jo Ann's pattern (Jam) from Country Loft. Had to buy a few new patterns. Hey they were 2 for 1 what else could I do?
Monday Morning I was the lucky recipient of this happy package from Darlene. I won a blog give-away a while back and in addition to my prize of the sidewinder she made me a little heart pincushion out of some Mary Engelbreit fabric she had cuz she knows I love it!!! Isn't she a sweetie? Thanks Big Sis! Later on Monday we discovered Lemon was one of triplets...yes we are now bottle feeding 3 kittens!!! Or dropper feeding actually. I was thinking of having a blog give away of kittens lolol any takers?? The good thing about finding her brothers is that she has gotten a little less needy, so I'm crossing my fingers that I might actually get some quilting done this weekend!! See the goat milk all over their faces...and Sarah's shorts...oh and the carpet --they are so messy lol!! And now I'm going to leave you with more kitten pictures...lots more kitten pictures...way more kitten pictures than ought to be on a blog but they are so cute I couldn't pick just one. I am warning you though so you can leave now if you hate kitten pictures and not waste your time :) The little guy in the middle was actually asleep and kept almost falling over...wish I had a video! Meet Scottie and Carmel and of course Lemon...