10 January 2008

Freshly Cut Freshcut

Last spring I fell in love with Heather Bailey's line of fabric by Free Spirit-- Freshcut-- and I have been picking up pieces here and there ever since. Even though I love it so much, or maybe because I love it so much, I have had a hard time deciding what to do with it. I mean I knew I was going to make a quilt with it, but which one? I finally decided on this one here that Amanda made (isn't it pretty?) and went to my LQS to pick up the 3 yards of white I would need. Right before I started to cut (actually I had cut 2 white strips) I thought maybe I would try to find just a few more pieces online. So I off I went to my favorite fabric search engine and YES I found a new source online that carried some pieces I hadn't been able to find locally. Before I hit the order button I decided that maybe I should inventory what I had...good idea. I had almost 20 yards--what the ? How did that happen? Well when I saw how much I had managed to uh...collect, I decided to find a different pattern, one that would make a slightly bigger dent in the pile :) Now at the same time that I am agonizing over what to make with my freshcut, I am also trying to decide what fabric to use for a pattern-Tag Sale from this book
-that I have been wanting to use since I saw it made up at The Country Loft. They had used Shangri-la and Roman Holiday by Moda, and it was beautiful. Problem was I had already made a quilt using Roman Holiday and didn't want to use it again. I had started buying a few different lines to use in it but just recently decided to use a different pattern for them (from this book that I got for Christmas).Tuesday afternoon, exhausted from all the obsessing, I went to my room for a little nap--right as I was about to drift off I had an epiphany :) I could use my freshcut for Tag Sale. Brilliant huh?
Use the fabric you love with the pattern you love, what a concept lol. Some of us just take a little longer to process I guess :) Here it is so far

and now to make about 70 more blocks :) One more picture before I go--aren't these guys adorable?

I saw them on this blog and had to have them. They need to go on a shelf above my door. A shelf that hasn't been put up yet. A shelf that shouldn't go up until after I paint. So needless to say, they may be homeless for a while, very sad :(
O.k. I'm off to go make dinner.