19 January 2008

Road to California and the After Party

So yesterday I headed up to Ontario for Road to California. I went with my quilting buddy (also known as my Chauffeur and Sherpa :) just in case she's reading this) Janine. It was the first time attending for both of us and we had a blast! Although if you judge fun by the amount of purchases you make I had way more fun lol! Janine is pretty good at behaving herself...well when it comes to fabric purchases that is :) I'm afraid most of my pictures of the quilts came out blurry, but here's a few.

We thought we were doing pretty well time wise, it was 4:30 and we had just about finished the room...oh what's that over there? WHAT the ??? Another room!!! Yup we had missed the second room completely!!! You should have seen us racing through that room, I am sure we did not do it justice. I may have to see if I can drag someone up there with me again tomorrow. Here's my loot...from the way my shoulder feels from carting this around it seems like there should be more. Although Janine did help with it for a while, she wouldn't carry it the whole time --she has this weird notion that if I buy it I should carry it too...what's up with that? LOL

After the show we headed over to Sharon's and can you say CUTE??? She's cute ---her house is cute, cute , cute and her quilts well there just aren't any words. I'm afraid she may not be able to blog for awhile cuz she's gonna be busy with her mop cleaning up all the drool we left behind lol.
I swear I would have saved my camera battery for her house instead of the quilt show if I had any idea!! It was so fun meeting Sharon and Carol and Deb and Beth and Nancy NO BLOG (get a blog girl) they were all great.
From the back left is Sharon, Beth, Deb, Janine, Carol, and me and Nancy in the front.
Nancy no blog gave an impromptu quilting class.

Sharon had all these cute (there's that word again) valentine's dishes and as we were leaving she gave us each our plate and glass and this cute little bag full of girlie stuff. Thank you Sharon for a wonderful evening :)