07 April 2010

Charming Girls & Guys April Goals

April Goals are:
1. Borders on Between Friends quilt
2. Rip out my "goofed up" quilting on my little fresh cut quilt and finish and bind it-trying out this cool method from here.
3. I went to a lqs that specializes in ethnic fabric and bought a jelly roll and this piece of fabric. My wheels have been turning ever since I got it home yesterday with what I want to do with it. So yeah...that. I was inspired to visit this store after reading Jackie's post here.
4. More borders--as many as I can possibly stand to do in one month. Which may turn out to be just one...I'm hoping not.
5. Quilt at least one flimsy.
6. Continue with my liberated blocks.
7. Get back to work on in progress designs of my own that are in various stages of completion.
So I have to show you what my sweet friend Sharon sent me for Easter. Sharon is one of those people who likes to make every holiday special for all of her friends and I am so lucky to be counted among them :) How cute is this stuff? Thanks Sharon--love you!
One more thing before I head off to the sewing room. You have all heard me talk about Jo Ann (known as JAM on her patterns) of Brown Bag and Country Loft fame? Well she has written a book called Wool Crazy, which I know many of you already own. I love this book and I've seen the quilt in person and it is amazing! Anyways she has started a blog!!!! Go say hi and tell her I sent you :) If you like wool you will love her stuff. She has pictures of what different ladies from the wool crazy class have done. Go look--my descriptions can't do them justice...there are some crazy talented ladies in her class!!!
Oops, I lied...one more thing. So Sarah and Jonathan started a blog together and sometimes I don't notice that they are still signed in when I comment--so if you've gotten comments from burtrek? It was me :)