01 April 2010

Charming Girls & Guys March Goals update

So I managed to complete most of my goals this month--yay!! Both little quilts are bound. I'll show the backs too, to prove there are no tape tricks being used, not that any of you would ever suspect me of such thing :) The Freshcut was a really fun quilt to make, it starts like this: and then you cut it in 3 pieces, sew it back together into this: My little leader ender quilt in Freshcut I already showed you here and I don't want to bore you too much. I started my King size top and got half the blocks made. The pattern is Comfy Cozy put out by the Cozy Quilt Shop.
I goofed up and made 41 blocks when what the pattern actually said was use 41 fat quarters and make 2 blocks from each arghhhhh!! I didn't catch it until they were all on my wall and I was thinking hmmmm doesn't seem quite big enough....duhh. That's o.k. my goal was just to get it started and that I did! My Between Friends quilt is still awaiting borders, but again, my goal was just to get the "innards" done this month. This is the combo I've decided on: My fail was the twisted 9 patch quilt...didn't get the borders on and so obviously didn't get it quilted either! April is going to be a borders month....YUCK!!!! As soon as the Comfy Cozy quilt came down off the wall I had to start making some "liberated" blocks with my new crazy fabric. Which I went back to Rosie's and got more of. Because I decided my original trip did not get me as far out of my box as I wanted. Here they are all color coordinated: I got busy making some liberated baskets with Kathie's help and encouragement, thanks Kathie :) She was so sweet she even offered to make a block and take step by step pictures!! She has the most adorable liberated basket quilt in the works! I really love making these...this is my favorite so far. And I will leave you a picture of what's on my wall right now....pretty crazy, huh?