22 January 2009


my mojo back. If you've seen it please send it home...I need it!! I was reading over at Cheryl's that her mojo goes missing every January. Maybe that's it and it will be back home in February, I can only hope. I sewed a little pile of valentine pillows, to use up a panel from last year...and yup that's it. The one and only sewing project since the red and blue quilt a couple posts ago. I know. Pathetic. Oh except for this Brown Bag project. Thanks to Jo Ann and her class I can count on at least one completed project per month :) Please note that I have read FIVE books so far this month though :)
I went to Road to California last week hoping to come home with lots of new fabric and inspiration to get sewing, but no such luck. I guess the economy is keeping shops from buying new lines because I really didn't see anything much different from last year, very disappointing. I did buy a few things. I was really happy to find this little bundle to go with one of my favorite fabric purchases from last year.Here's a closer look:Some charm packs and this cute valentine fabric...oh wait that was from the Quilter's Coop in Temecula. We were done at Road by 2 o'clock and so we did some shopping on our way home.

I have to apologize to Lisa at Candlelit Quilter who gave me with this award:and Amy at Windmills and Weathervanes who gave me this one:These both came back in the begininning of December and everytime I finish posting I remember that I forgot to mention them....I feel kind of weird putting up awards to myself so maybe that's what took me so long. Anyways thanks so much to both of you, I really appreciate it! O.k I'm off to search for that pesky missing mojo :)