05 January 2009


is here and as promised I am posting for the Diet Challenge 2009. If you're not dieting please stop reading now or you will be bored out of your mind. No really I mean it. Well I had good news and bad news today. I weighed myself. Bad news. I checked my Weight Watchers point allowance and my 5 pound gain allotted me 2 extra points. Good news. In a twisted way. Yes Weight Watchers is my diet of choice and no I'm not doing meetings...this blog challenge is going to serve as my meeting :) I am not going to post my weight for the whole world to see (yeah I know the whole world doesn't read my blog) but I am giving you a big clue when I say I used to get 22 points a day and then I gained 5 pounds and now I get 24 points. If you are doing WW you will be able to figure out my weight from these clues. And no please don't give me your guess o.k.? LOL the whole point is to keep that offensive number off of my blog! I am pretty much a professional Weight Watcher...I have done the program hmmm o.k. maybe just twice that's not too bad. The first time was after my first baby and the second time...wait maybe 3 times...oh you know what? Just forget it.
O.k. so here are some of the things that are going to be giving me sustenance for the next few months.This is how I will be starting my days almost without exception oh and coffee of course! 3 point coffee no less because I will have half and half in my coffee...somethings just aren't negotiable.Never buy the Fiber One that looks like chex it is really bad. This stuff reminds me of honey bunches of oats and the fiber makes the point count really low. I will pretty much always eat either lentils or tomato pepper soup for lunch and then I get lots of points left for dinner, which is the most important meal to me. In fact when I'm not dieting I don't even remember breakfast or lunch half the time...which just shows you how much I must have been eating for dinner...yikes. Well that's about it...I do have one more picture of my cereal...diet posting just doesn't lend itself to photo ops. And no--no before picture yet...I'm still giving that some thought :)
O.k. ladies we can do this!!!!